Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Point of No Return

Can't turn back now.

Sitting in with a couple of Jazz Masters!

We had a fun party at the Carmel Valley Athletic Club to begin the push for the trip. About 140 people showed up. We had three bands of kids from the workshops that played: high schoolers, elementary schoolers and a band of alums (now gone pro, some finishing up college as well). Of course, we couldn't help but sit in and grab a few choruses ourselves. Then Cow Bop finished it off with our trademark acoustic set with Mike playing the box, he'd better get his chops up for that, gonna be doing it a lot on the road.

A younger Jazz Master!

Lots of people were very generous and we are in good shape to start some new programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs this summer. Now we have all the logistical details to sort out and believe me those dates on the calendar are much closer than they appear!

If any of you have an ideas for something out on the open road, let us know, and hey, why not come and play a tune or two? Or make a pledge?

See you soon!


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