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Monday, June 2, 2008

Video Update!

Check out a ton of new video on Cow Bop TV on YouTube! Here's a video of Pinto Pammy helping a turtle cross Route 66 and get to safety:

Check back soon for more updates!

Monday, May 26, 2008

We made it!

Well folks, we did it again, one more time! The Santa Monica pier was packed upon our arrival, of course it wasn't all for us, it is Memorial Day Weekend. It precluded our usual drive onto the pier, but that didn't stop us, we hoofed forced Devin and Mike to do an air bass and drum performance. Maybe that is the way to go, it makes our acoustic 'box-sets' look equipment-excessive. The ocean air sure felt good and the coastline was a friendly site to us Cowlifornians.
This trip has been just that: a trip!
I would like to take the time to thanks all the people who helped us out on this road challenge:
Al Kildow JMW Associate Director, my spiritual guide and support, you worked as hard as any of us and a lot of the success is purely your doing, Scot McKay who helped launch the project and hosted our kick-off funraiser, Bill Kane who provided so much moral support...
Keith Watkins, for his assistance, positive and even-keeled attitude throughout it all, a true friend, (you made the whole trip, I can't believe it!) Jack Zoephel who maintained the blog, edited the video and gave great advice and was always fun.
Our road friends who supported us, put us up and put up with us: Mike and Judy in Collinsville "The Catsup Bottle folks", Bob Reynolds in Springfield MO, Rick and Terry in Sapulpa, Bumblebee Bob in ALBQ/Santa Fe, Andy and Kathy in Rolling Hills, Whit Smith, Shelby Eicher,(I am sure that I have forgotten some of you here, but not in my heart) and all the rest of you, we couldn't have made it without you, and the kids and musicians really appreciate all you have done for the workshops.
For our sponsors: Ed Littlefield Jr, Ribbecke Guitar Corp. Dean Markley, UltraSound Amps, Mike Lyons & Len Wood (both Board Members) Greg Pasenko and Blujazz, Georis Winery, Big Sur River Inn
Many thanks to all of you who pledged so far...for those of you who haven't, there is still time...hint, hint
And of course, the band, I am so grateful for your caring commitment to JazzMasters Workshop, to the band, and for going along with my unusual idea. You were fun, gave more than I could have ever hoped for and I will remember it all with profound respect and are the best!
To all the people out on Route 66, thanks for everything, keep it all up, we cherish our time with you and the legacy of the road and its place in our country and culture, you are truly torch-bearers.
This isn't goodbye, I'll be blogging some more, so stay time??? We'll have to think about that for a while...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cowlifornia Dreamin

Ambled our way down the old 66, the Interstate was a distant ribbon of noise and speed, unaware of the world around it. Even the trees are weird around here. We passed by the bra tree (I am not kiddin) about Pammy just had to do a bit of shopping at the shoe tree.
Arrived in the mountain town of Wrightwood late afternoon, bunked down thanks to Kieth and played a fun hit at La Cabana. The house was packed, very supportive of our cause and music, and we even had a young girl play a bit wiht us JazzMasters style. Mikey, I think your gig is least for a year or so, she was swingin though.
Tomorrow, the finish line, a party at my pals: Andy and Kathy and then The Jazz Bakery Monday.
I can tell you it has been one wild ride...stay tuned

Cow-lifornia Here We Come

Split Flagstaff before the roosters were even awake, of course, they might be icicles if they were left out last night, ouch, it was cold and the van was covered with snow. Saw the rim of the Grand Canyon, Seligman, Peach Springs, got rousted at 10 am by the Indian Reservation Police (a sobriety checkpoint), of course we were clean...
Then onto Needles (we skipped the donkeys in Oatman) weather was really thick. Crossing the Colorado river and entering our home state felt really good, but I can only imagine what the people who originally traveled west on Route 66 thought. After a long road to Califoirnia, thinking beach, palm, trees, and a cornucopia, only to be assaulted by the scorpions, rattlers and endless scrub of the Mojave Desert. I wonder how many turned back...but not us. Got the gig in Wrightwood tonight, set up by Keith Watkins, who has made the whole trip with us, check out his blog (you can access it from here...I am sure it is a different perspective than me). If I haven't shown all my gratitude Keith, thanks a million, you have helped immeasurably!
Plans are to cross the finish line tomorrow...a day early, then two parties: one in Rolling Hills and the then The Jazz Bakery. Hope to see you there.
Remember: You do know why we do this? Please help by making a pledge, it'll make a big difference in the lives of kids and musicians...a double whammy...come on, take the plunge. Thanks!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Arid-zona? Try North Pole

We crossed the eastern half of Arizona today, The Petrified Forest (hasn't changed much...for about 50 million years!) Holbrook and The Wigwam Motel, a corner in Winslow (sorry, couldn't resist) and had a wonderful lunch at La Posada, one of the remaining Harvey Houses. This place is immaculate, a perfectly restored piece of history, with a look and feel that is unbelievable. Don't go through here without checking it out. Incredible food too, and service by Harvey Girls.
We pulled into Flagstaff in a snow flurry...the kind that goes sideways. I wasn't planning for a bivouac on this trip, but we're ready for it. We fell into a great opportunity here to play at The Flagstaff Brewing Co. one of the best places to play and hang out in town. Flag is a college town, and now that classes are out, I am hoping we get some locals and Memorial Day travelers to pick up the slack. We can thank Greg Brown, whose son is a jazz guitar player for hooking us up like this. These trips really test your resolve, one minute it seems futile or hopeless and the next you are blown away by acts of support and kindness, and then the music is just the icing on the cake. Which is why we do this, I sure would hate to see kids who have the desire to play not have the opportunity to learn by rubbing shoulders with great players...what JazzMasters Workshop is all about. We would greatly appreciate your help.
Now I don't usually gripe much, (please don't ask the rest of the guys and girl in the band) but I got something to get off my chest: People, when you walk by someone who is playing it is common courtesy to acknowledge their existence. We are not invisible and you are not committed to giving money or even a smile, but hey, wake up, we are here! Join the world, be present, get out of your bubble, you just might be surprised. There, I feel a lot better.
For the most part however, everyone is extremely supportive and we'll all remember you for the rest of our lives, but those of you who missed it...oh well.
We have to leave very early tomorrow after a long gig, between the weather and the miles we need to cover, that and tons of cool places along the road: Seligman, Oatman, Mojave Desert with all those old towns, The Bagdad Cafe...and a dinner time hit in Wrigthwood, gonna have to get out the spurs...sounds like a perfect day...wahoo!

Harley and Annabelle Perform "Route 66"

So when Cow Bop stopped off to see Harley and Annabelle in Erick, OK, they graced us with a great rendition of Route 66...


Pulled into Gallup after a snowy crossing of the Continental Divide...that is right: snowy! In late May! We met up with a team of Model-T enthusiasts, I'll tell you that is roughing it...and we set up a rendezvous at The El Rancho, a beautiful movie star lodge from the mid 1930s. They did a lot of filming around here back then, now it is still going, mostly a haunt for road enthusiasts and historical devotees like us. In previous years we have played and stayed here, but this time it was over the top. First, a couple of hours in the bar with locals and the T-crowd, then we met up with Sisters on the Fly, a group of vintage trailer enthusiasts, women who really know how to party...and I mean party...wahoo! They invited us to dine with them and we played for dancing and general jollification (whoever that is?). Video to follow.
Can I remind all of you that we are doing ths to raise funds for music-mentoring programs for kids, a pledge is how is all works, thanks.
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