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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cowlifornia Dreamin

Ambled our way down the old 66, the Interstate was a distant ribbon of noise and speed, unaware of the world around it. Even the trees are weird around here. We passed by the bra tree (I am not kiddin) about Pammy just had to do a bit of shopping at the shoe tree.
Arrived in the mountain town of Wrightwood late afternoon, bunked down thanks to Kieth and played a fun hit at La Cabana. The house was packed, very supportive of our cause and music, and we even had a young girl play a bit wiht us JazzMasters style. Mikey, I think your gig is least for a year or so, she was swingin though.
Tomorrow, the finish line, a party at my pals: Andy and Kathy and then The Jazz Bakery Monday.
I can tell you it has been one wild ride...stay tuned

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