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Friday, May 23, 2008


Pulled into Gallup after a snowy crossing of the Continental Divide...that is right: snowy! In late May! We met up with a team of Model-T enthusiasts, I'll tell you that is roughing it...and we set up a rendezvous at The El Rancho, a beautiful movie star lodge from the mid 1930s. They did a lot of filming around here back then, now it is still going, mostly a haunt for road enthusiasts and historical devotees like us. In previous years we have played and stayed here, but this time it was over the top. First, a couple of hours in the bar with locals and the T-crowd, then we met up with Sisters on the Fly, a group of vintage trailer enthusiasts, women who really know how to party...and I mean party...wahoo! They invited us to dine with them and we played for dancing and general jollification (whoever that is?). Video to follow.
Can I remind all of you that we are doing ths to raise funds for music-mentoring programs for kids, a pledge is how is all works, thanks.

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