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Friday, May 23, 2008

Arid-zona? Try North Pole

We crossed the eastern half of Arizona today, The Petrified Forest (hasn't changed much...for about 50 million years!) Holbrook and The Wigwam Motel, a corner in Winslow (sorry, couldn't resist) and had a wonderful lunch at La Posada, one of the remaining Harvey Houses. This place is immaculate, a perfectly restored piece of history, with a look and feel that is unbelievable. Don't go through here without checking it out. Incredible food too, and service by Harvey Girls.
We pulled into Flagstaff in a snow flurry...the kind that goes sideways. I wasn't planning for a bivouac on this trip, but we're ready for it. We fell into a great opportunity here to play at The Flagstaff Brewing Co. one of the best places to play and hang out in town. Flag is a college town, and now that classes are out, I am hoping we get some locals and Memorial Day travelers to pick up the slack. We can thank Greg Brown, whose son is a jazz guitar player for hooking us up like this. These trips really test your resolve, one minute it seems futile or hopeless and the next you are blown away by acts of support and kindness, and then the music is just the icing on the cake. Which is why we do this, I sure would hate to see kids who have the desire to play not have the opportunity to learn by rubbing shoulders with great players...what JazzMasters Workshop is all about. We would greatly appreciate your help.
Now I don't usually gripe much, (please don't ask the rest of the guys and girl in the band) but I got something to get off my chest: People, when you walk by someone who is playing it is common courtesy to acknowledge their existence. We are not invisible and you are not committed to giving money or even a smile, but hey, wake up, we are here! Join the world, be present, get out of your bubble, you just might be surprised. There, I feel a lot better.
For the most part however, everyone is extremely supportive and we'll all remember you for the rest of our lives, but those of you who missed it...oh well.
We have to leave very early tomorrow after a long gig, between the weather and the miles we need to cover, that and tons of cool places along the road: Seligman, Oatman, Mojave Desert with all those old towns, The Bagdad Cafe...and a dinner time hit in Wrigthwood, gonna have to get out the spurs...sounds like a perfect day...wahoo!

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