Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blue Ribbon Day

We headed out of OK City early and as the prarie opened up we fell into great stuff. We played at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum (were covered by the local paper) and then made our way to Erick, home of Harley and Annabelle, The Mediocre Melody Makers. These people are the greatest, a force of nature. They took us in, played for us and with us, fed us and entertained us, I can't even begin to describe it. While they use the term 'medicore', they are anything but, and Harley can pick with the very best of them, and I should know. It is no surprise that they are are the only living people who are designated as Route 66 landmarks...wow! No trip down the Route is complete without a stop there...but be forewarned...it will change your life!

Then we gobbled up a lot of the road, which is actually frontage to I-40 and made it into Amarillo as the sun was sinking into the horizon. The air was warm like velvet and the customary winds that rip across the plains there were unusualy silent. We decided to make a twilight visit to the Cadillac Ranch, found some people there (taggin the caddies) and we played a short concert. Then we headed into the sunset, crossed the halfway point and bunked down for the night as the biggest full moon rose to sing us a desert lullaby...this is what these trips are about!!! That, and raising funds and awareness for kids music-mentoring programs...will you help?
Stay tunded for video ...wahoo!

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