Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis

Hung out in St. Louis for the day, after a rousing gig at the Stagger Inn...we staggered out last night, we had a relaxing day (you really come to appreciate these on a tour like this) and played at Fazio's Frets & Friends, a great guitar store on the west side of town, right on old Route 66. Stephen Rekas, an old pal at Mel Bay came by and drew some cool pictures of the concert, I'll try and see if I can't post them. (Check out their site for some interviews about the past trips the books that I did with them).

Had an interview on the radio too, and got in a final hang with Mike and Judy the Catsup Bottle folks (That has come to be a relaxing day, funny how one's perspective can quickly alter) Now for a long stretch, we hope to make Springfield and find a place to Cow Bop for the is Friday night so it'll take some doing. Between here and there there is a lot of 66 history. Gotta head west now so expect more detail and pictures on the next post. So far, everyone is getting along and happy...I hope their medication doesn't wear off?!

A mild suggestion: Consider helping out JazzMasters Workshop with a per-mile pledge?


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