Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're OK in OK City

Rolled into OK City after a swingin party at Whit Smith's house, a rousing jam, a great meal in a wonderful section of Tulsa. It was really tough leaving the town, but we got a gig in Albuquerque on Tuesday and a date with Harley and Annabelle tomorrow. Lots of open road as Route 66 turns due west...the towns are further apart and the desert looks like it'll be scorching if this weather holds. We'll have some street playing in our future for sure.
I gotta say that everyone is holding up well, we'll be hitting the halfway point soon, can almost smell the Pacific Ocean drifting in through the stockyards pungent aroma. Near missed an unfortunately squished polecat that left us rather pungent as well...I don't think you can bathe a whole van in tomato juice and you sure can't outrun it...oh well. If they don't hear us coming they'll smell us. Got some video posting to happen soon so stay in close touch...just in case you were wondering why we do this...go here


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