Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Mexicali Rose

Swung across New Mexico today, left Tucumcari...try saying that three times fast, at 9 am!!! Stopped at a few curio shops (weird how most of the stuff was made on a reservation called "China"?). Had lunch at a great cafe, they played mambo as we dined, Pammy and I had time for a quick table dance.

We were excited to get to Albuquerque...try to say that one as well! Pat Kelley, a compatriot, fellow professor at USC and swingin jazz guitar player is joining the band for two nights as he heads west (on his way home to Tulsa...where we just came from). We made our way into the heart of Phil Salazar's family, he has more cousins here than you can imagine, it bodes well for a decent showing at the gig, although, I have done a bunch of radio interviews, they are so helpful here. The Salazars run a mortuary, we took a quick tour (not everyday you do that!? and never thought I'd volunteer for one...other than my own) We went to a lunch of the best red chile I can remember macking down! (A Salazar family establishment) I'll let you know how the gig went...check out the eye candy too.

Can I ask you to make a pledge....pleeeze

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