Sunday, May 4, 2008

Route 66 - My Way

Did I say I would do this again? I don't' remember agreeing to this, after all I have traveled down this road with this band twice already, and though those trips had some unforgettable moments, they also had those "other" moments. Think about it - one woman; 4 men (boys, some); one van; lots of instruments, bags, amps and other flotsam; and the stress and strain (and sometimes smell) of touring and playing music.

But, you know what? I love it!!! I love music and singing, and I love men. Don't get me wrong, I have really profound and special relationships with my close girlfriends, but I have loved the company of that other sex since childhood. I come by this honestly; my mother, and even her mother are the same way (I could tell you stories about them, we'll save that for another day . . .). We are of Scottish descent, and i guess we've got that Celtic blood a'boilin.

So here we go again - I'll rest when I'm old . . .


Pinto Pammy

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