Thursday, May 22, 2008

Santa Fe Trail

Yesterday: What a day! This town is beautiful, the people friendly, a Cow Bop Outpost if I ever found one. We showed up at The Cowgirl (they saved us on our first Route 66 trip) and they remembered us, we played a set in trade for lunch and pulled in some support for the program as well. Then, a long walk around, lots of sights, great weather and made it to Bumblebee's Baja Grill for a gig. I gotta tell you Bumblebee Bob is a champion of jazz music and has given us a lot of heartfelt support, I can't thank him enough, and friends showed up: Larry & Phyllis from Greeley, CO The Peak View Jazz Society, Jan Brooks, Bryan Lewis-a pal that I worked with over thirty years ago-a swingin English left-handed drummer (try say that fast three times!), Michael Handler on the harp, and Pat Kelley in the saddle for another night....wahoo!
It's hard to leave and pardon my brevity, but we gotta hitch up the wagon and head west, a major storm is brewing, I'll check in later today...please remember, a pledge is matched two-for-one!!!
Come on, put your money where your ears are!! Thanks

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