Sunday, May 18, 2008

Checkin in

Howdy! Sorry to have been so remiss in my posts, and brief at best, but as you can imagine, I've been busier than a one-legged man in a butt kickin' contest! So many miles, so many cool people and situations, many!

We made our tri-state trek yesterday, finished of Missouri, swung through the corner of Kansas and into Oklahoma. Played at Galena, KS, the place that Tow-Mater comes from, the actual tow truck that inspired the character in movie, Cars. We got some video I think, should be posted soon. Then we arrived in Tulsa, the home of western swing, Bob Wills got his start and spent most of his career here, a town full of music history.

The Jazz Hall of Fame, where we played, boasts Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel, Oscar Pettiford, Chet Baker and many others as inductees...all from OK! (Pat Kelley, my compatriot at USC, and a homegrown Tulsan who is going to sit in with us in New Mexico while he is on his way home for a visit) Our sets had some great guests: Whit Smith from Hot Club of Cowtown, Rick Bentley and Chuck Cissell, who runs the place.
Then we went to a jam session at Rick's where Shelby Eicher (from our CD, Route 66) sat in...we played til 3 am! More today, a Bar B Q art Whit's, gonna have trouble getting out of this town.

Remember: we can use all the pledges we can get!

got some photos: the world's largest totem pole, a collection of fiddles made from various exotic woods, and the Missouri Hick (only on Route 66), gonna be posting more photos as I get the emailed to me, thanks for being patient!


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