Sunday, May 11, 2008

Across the Mississippi

We made it, Chicago, the whole band is an extra friend, Keith Watkins, who is covering the event caravan style with his own blog. He is either an incredible free-spirit who knows how to have a good time or a glutton for punishment. In this case--as a veteran of two previous trips--I advise a healthy amount of each. You can access his blog by clicking on the icon (it'll be up any minute now). It is going to make a huge difference and will be fun to experience the trip from a more objective perspective.

I got to tell you that we ran into some hard weather getting here, but nothing like what has happened to the south of us. We are going to go through some territory that has been hit really hard, first with flooding this spring and now a rash of killer tornadoes. I know we are out here supporting kids music, but the whole band has an added purpose, to bring some music to everyone and in some small way help these people who are enduring hardship. The last thing they needed was a one-two punch from Mother Nature after the hand the economy has dealt.
They say music soothes the soul, well, we are going to put it to the test. Ultimately, I know deep down that people will help us out, I just hope they let us help them too!

We plan to do some hanging in Chicago tomorrow before the gig and we are all looking forward to hitting 66 on Tuesday morning. The whole thing: we leave from Michigan and Adams...all the way to the Santa Monica pier...yikes! See you out on the open road.



RoadDog said...

Enjoy the road.

Make sure you get the state fair fries and auce walleye at Cap. City tomorrow.

In Springfield, check out Bill Shea's and get a Cozy Dog.

Also, stop by the Curve Inn for a real 66 roadhouse.

gassmann said...

Yeeeeha!! Bring it on!! See you guys real soon!!

Big Tomato Mike
and Judy, too